Kickass watches moon go down


Kickass, the doorstop dog, assisted the keeper this morning in formulating instructions for watching the moon go down, which it did over Mazomanie and apparently in a lot of other places:  1. Brew a cup of fresh coffee. 2 Position a comfortable chair facing west. 3. Remain in robe and slippers and think of all the poor working stiffs who have to get dressed and head out for another week of toil.  4. Watch the yellow school buses on the road below and try not to think about how many moons ago it was that the buses were red, white and blue, and you were part of the school scene. 5. Say good morning to someone you love or to their memory, and if they are on the premises give them a moon-morning kiss.  6.  Stay at the moon-watching until there is no more moon to see, and then think how damn lucky you are to have witnessed such a thing.

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