Kickass weather and real horrors

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says with the plethora of things to be bothered about the past week, including the weather, perhaps the most serious was PBS’s incredibly moving special about the Jews in WW II, and the subsequent poll elsewhere showing that 60 or so percent of some of today’s age groups do not know about Auschwitz; and then there are the seriously stupid who deny the existence of the Holocaust.

Never has a more graphic warning about the danger of “stupid” been concocted.

So maybe the horrible weather is a contributor to dwelling on horror, but having an abject fool in the White House leading the “stupid” on a goose-stepping march to oblivion tends to fit right in.  Six million slaughtered!  In our l;ifetime!  If we are so stupid as to forget that there will never be a Spring?

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