Kickass when Alexa is Lexus

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is obviously condemned to witness an accelerating series of pitiful situations involving the keeper, and it can’t get much worse than yesterday when his daughter Pat and her friend Tom put into operation one of those Amazon Echo devices, a Xmas gift from Rick and Becky.

With everything set, including a test to “Play some Brubeck” Pat and Tom left, and after some tech hesitation, the keeper tried to get the device to play some more Brubeck.  It would not do it.  It would not even respond.  The keeper shouted at it louder and tried pushing some of its buttons and then lost patience and resorted to his usual profane anti-tech ranting.

Turns out instead of using “Alexa” as the control word, the keeper was shouting “Lexus,” and he was shouting it loud enough—along with curses, so the nearest car dealership might have heard it.  He simply does not listen, or his hearing is going, or maybe he thinks he could afford a new Lexus, which is ridicules.

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