Kickass when the babies leave

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says it is essential that once an offspring—dog or human, is old enough to sustain itself, it be separated from its parents and sent off to live its own life.  But before that time, when it is an infant/pup or just learning how to walk, it is the biological obligation of the entire tribe/pack to nurture and protect it, and that translates to love and morals and the fiercest instinct of protection known to the world.

When a so-called enlightened society stumbles into the horror of being led by someone who violates the parental/child bond because of a narcissistic personality disorder, and the society does nothing, then the true meaning of that society’s life is gone and it is doomed, and should be.

Ridiculing the handicapped and making fun of people with Down syndrome goes along with the program that rips the babies from their parents’ arms, so does fouling the natural environment until it becomes uninhabitable.  (Kickass will do his best not to bite the next one to tell him to “Have a nice day.”)





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