Kickass when Wall Street sobs

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says if there is a sound more heart rending than a crying child—or a whimpering puppy, he does not know what it is.  And yet even as more and more people hear the sobbing of distraught tots and toddlers wrenched away from their parents by the Trump/Sessions immigrant cruelty, nothing changes.

But wait!  What is that new sound?  It seems to be a whimpering of sorts, and it is coming from Wall Street.  Yes.  It is.  The big wheelers and dealers who leech their billions from the blood of the people who make things and make those things work see a threat in the media marketing of sobbing children.

Ah, now that big money may be involved, something will certainly get done down there on the border.  Never mind breaking little hearts and terrorizing desperate parents, don’t get in the way of the one percent getting more of the loot!  The whole thing is enough to make a dog—even a cast-iron one, think about running away and joining up with a wolf pack where the Alpha knows basic decency.

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