Kickass whine, howl, bark at weather

Kickass. the doorstop dog, ever anxious to be of help, suggests that to cope with waking up on yet one more April morning with either a fresh snow cover or the old dirty one still in place, it would help to forget any human expressions and depend totally on the vocalization capacity of dogs.

Upon first opening your eyes to the reality of yet more winter, begin a subtle whining and do your very best to go back to sleep.  When this fails, allow your whining to build in intensity until it become a howl that fills the bedroom and follows you into the shower.

In the event of the inevitable urge to use bad words to express your displeasure with the unseasonable weather, simply look in the mirror and bark.  Bark at the image of someone who could live anywhere but continues to mark his territory where sled dogs have work on into July.  Do not bite yourself because you could be rabid.



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