Kickass will not be carrying the football

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that since he got a restraining order against football as it is conceived and manipulated at all levels—even down to elementary schools, by a small group of narcissistic NFL billionaires, he—the keeper avoids sports news, but somehow a story got through this week that stated the UW quarterback has been cleared by hired UW medical guns of previous brain injury—concussions, and will be playing in the upcoming game.

Well, the keeper says, isn’t that just precious and exciting and so fitting into the pattern set by the NFL which couldn’t care less about wholesale football brain damage unless it threatens their bottom line.

To build brain damage into the national game and to cheer it on at all levels—Friday night high school football for example, may indicate a larger cultural brain issue.  That issue may, in a somewhat altered form, be playing out in part on the National political stage, and none of us are wearing helmets.  (Kickass and the keeper will be napping now and hope to wake up with cheerier thoughts, maybe having to do with the coming of spring.)

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