Kickass Willie Sutton and Wells-Fargo

Kickass, the doorstop dog, listened with the keeper to this morning’s news report that Wells-Fargo is about to do a BILLION dollar settlement with regulators after admitting to various schemes to cheat customers.  Ever anxious to grasp the ring of opportunity, the keeper will be establishing the Willie Sutton Bank Robbing Corporation and is looking for investors.

The sales pitch, of course, rests with the fact that nobody from Wells-Fargo goes to jail or is even charged with a crime.  To paraphrase Willie, “We at Wells-Fargo cheat the public because that’s where the stupid is.”  Unfortunately Willie made the original statement while in jail

So bank robbers, as agents of corporations will not only avoid jail, they will be bailed out by the government during financial crisis times and they will have lots of money to hire lobbyists to convince the government to provide them with getaway cars. (Kickass loves to chase cars.)

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