Kickass Wisconsin psychiatrist couch

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports seeing the state of Wisconsin sprawled on the psychiatrist’s couch saying the following: “I can’t seem to help it—I go to the voters rescue shelter and come home with these absolute duds—Johnson, who is not even house broken, Ryan who chases expensive cars, and Walker who lets cows pee in the drinking water and gives the state pocketbook to a Taiwanese fox, and then I even helped choose that Orange rat terrier as the official White House dog.?

Psychiatrist: “I see by your profile form that you drink a lot of brandy and beer and wear a really stupid looking cheese-head hat and you apparently think road potholes are good because they help keep your drunken drivers more alert than they would otherwise be.”

Wisconsin: “All true.  It is the badger way.  And now I gotta run outside and see my shadow so there will be six more weeks of winter.  See ya, Doc!


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