Kickass with Phyllis’s art.

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper considered it a high honor to pound nails into the walls of Drumlin Winery near Windsor to hang the artistic photo exhibition created by his lovely wife Phyllis.  He was, of course, rewarded later with sipping wine with Phyllis out on the winery patio overlooking a green hill of lush grape vines as pillow clouds tumbled through a blue summer sky and the warmth of July worked its rejuvenation magic on aging bones.

Among the keeper’s meandering thoughts was appreciating his personal upgrade from guzzling beer with cronies in a rowdy country tavern to quiet wine-sipping in a beautiful natural setting.  There has been more than a little of that sort of adjustment since Phyllis came into his life, and the keeper looks forward to even more of it, putting to rest once and for all the old saw about old dogs and new tricks.  His favorite trick, of course, is “sit and stay.”

Phyllis’s exhibit will be up through July and August, and the keeper highly recommends a visit to Drumlin to view it , and to do a bit of wine tasting.  If, during your visit, you should see an old man wearing a straw hat and sipping wine with a very pretty woman, you might guess their identity since an art exhibit requires a certain degree of maintenance.




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