Kickass writes country song

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper has always wanted to write a sad country song, and decided that the time is now.  Doing both melody and lyrics is too much, the keeper says, so he will borrow the melody of Home, Home on the Range and just do lyrics:

Oh Tulsa’s my home, where the racists roamed.

In 1921 killing 300 innocent blacks.

Where seldom was heard, the massacre word

And the truth was just considered absurd.

Tulsa.,Tulsa, my home, where bigots and racists roamed,

Where seldom is seen, any attempt to redeem

And the skies were all clouded with lies

But now comes a night, of a sad Tulsa sight.

When POTUS says: “White is still better, Okay!”

Tulsa! Tulsa! my home, where racists and bigots roam

Where seldom is heard, truth from the POTUS herd.

And the skies are all cloudy most days.








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