Kickass writes Ode to Trees

Kickass, the doorstop dog, steps back from his efforts to promote the keeper’s book “Treeson: an APOLOGIA to Trees,” and offers the following:


Now that you are all leafed out,

         You’re glorious things, no doubt.

         Deep-green and shadows cover you,

         Where nesting birds know what to do.

         All winter long you showed your bones,

         We looked at you with groans and moans.

         A naked anything is not pleasant to see,

         That goes double if that thing is a tree.

         But now that you are in royal dress,

         It causes all of us to confess:

         We show our love for you as a tree,

         Some with hugs, some with pee.

And all of us dogs are here to say:

         We love your shade on a summer day.

         And leaving our sign is a message to all:

         “Here’s a great place to have a ball!”

         So welcome back for another summer.

         Without your green it would be a bummer.

         We love all you trees, big and small,

         Especially when you color up for fall.

         This ode from a dog has gone on too long,

         It might have been better as a song,

         “We sing to thee, you mighty trees,

          Even while we’re scratching fleas.”



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