Kickass you can’t make it up

Kickass, the doorstop dog, having hung around too long with a would-be word wonk, asks: If you were writing comedy would you dare to write about a leader who has a serious hair problem having his henchmen raid the offices of the hairiest doctor ever photographed with the raid being instigated over information about a hair-growing drug?

Or would you dare to write about a pious second-in-command who doubts the reality of evolution and who holds up as an example of a great human being, a convicted racist sheriff who was finally defeated by decency, but who was then pardoned by the leader with the hair problem?

Of course not.  Try this kind of creative outrage and you would be thrown out of the comedy writing group.  Maybe you could get work writing obituaries, starting with one for a Democracy that laughed until it discovered the theater doors were all nailed shut and the place was on fire!

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