Kickass young innocents too far

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper having attended a birthday party at which there was a large litter of those exquisite little innocents, and then having occasion to watch the flow of students on the UW’s Langdon Street, hereby proclaims that all is well, and even wonderful with the world.

However—here comes the old finger-shaker: It has been theorized that one reason the young ‘uns are not as alarmed as they should be about the threats to their governmental system is that they are so time removed from the horrors of Nazi and Communist regimes that what is going on under their young noses does not get through to them.

Damnit, kids, a whole lot of your predecessors laid their lives down to keep this wobbling democratic thing together and if you do not recognize its fragility and see that you gotta protect it—beyond the gun issue, then you are no better than the narcissistic “effing moron” (thank you Rex Tillerson) in the White House. The ancient keeper knows that is not the case.

(Kickass will be posting directly to FB now after a transfer from a blog was found to be offensive even to him, and particularly so with FB’s mysterious machinations.)

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