Kickass young shooters and drinkers

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says it is entirely possible that he does not have all of his facts straight, but it is his impression that in its infinite wisdom, the Wisconsin Repub’s are proposing that kids can drink alcohol at any age and can go hunting at a younger age than is now written into the law.  So does this mean that we can expect to see drunken second-graders with shotguns shooting squirrels in the park?

It would not be a surprise with current legislative proposals coming from the Walker-led wrecking crew that does not believe in parks and thinks they should be privatized and made into golf courses for the rich, and the gun problem is that not enough people have guns.

Kickass will be marking some park trees before they are all sawed down and shipped to the Koch brothers” sawmill to be made into “play taverns” and small coffins.

This is obviously a “thoughts and prayers” situation, and today is, after all, Sunday so everyone get on it!









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