Kikass and Ziggy’s birthday party

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper came away with a number of questions after he and Phyllis attended Ziggy’s 3rd birthday party on a sandy Wisconsin River beach where there was a platoon of little ones from diapered on up.

  1. Can the parents of a diaper-wearing infant who crawls about in the sand be legally required to take that sand-saturated baby home with them?
  2. If a great-grandfather mistakes you for two when you are actually three can you forgive him, Ziggy, and help see that he gets home okay?
  3. If, in the year 2114 when you are as old as the keeper, Ziggy, will they still be indicting the orange guy, and just how warm will global warming have made the river?
  4. So, Ziggy, do you plan to be as nice to your little sister Blaize as your old great-granddad was to his little sister Norma, and never tell her that holding a tennis racket in front of her face will be adequate protection for the snowball you are about to throw at her. (Such things can become uncomfortable family lore.)

Happy birthday, Ziggy! And have a whole bunch more!


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