Kickass and TREESON the book

Kickass, the doorstop dog, assists the keeper and Phyllis in stepping into 2023 as if they owned it.  The daily miracle of their being together at this juncture in their lives is not taken for granted, nor is their plain old presence on this flat earth.

The first day of 2023 is marked for them by the arrival of “TREESON, An apologia to trees,” an off-the-wall book effort that looks back at

the keeper’s newspaper years, the Amazon publishing of which would not have been possible without Phyllis at the technological helm. She also designed the cover.

TREESON obviously has no great best-seller ambitions and is simply the product of an old man’s ego and his insatiable desire to keep communicating, particularly with family and friends.

It is available from Amazon and personally autographed copies can be had from the keeper at $15 plus $4 shipping through or by personal contact


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