Kickass and wait for truth



Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper tries to remain calm about it, but with his decades-long toil in media trenches where truth is all that really matters, he takes as a personal insult the emergence of “fake news” and how it has bastardized the way people get information, encouraging them to “flat earth” opinions and a disdain for real science.

Truth has no morals.  It is what it is—an over-riding force, like a giant ball rolling down the great slope of life, bouncing off bias and prejudice, going airborne with kicks from narcissistic machinations, but always coming back down to earth to roll in finally with the only thing that has real meaning.

“Fake news” to a dog is hearing “good dog” when the dog knows it has been bad. It is when someone of the keeper’s ilk promises a dog a juicy soup bone that turns out to be a stick.  The dog will learn the unpleasant facts eventually because that is the way truth works.  It may take a while, and it may be historically man-handled for decades, but truth will emerge.

Kickass advises the keeper and his kind to keep cool: it is not “fake news” that this too shall pass, and that is the truth!


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