Kickass college enrollment



Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper is having something of a guilt conniption about the help he got in being accepted by the University of Wisconsin, and is wondering if he can make things right even at this late date.  The admissions assist came from the US Army when it agreed to reduce the keeper’s three-year enlistment by 18 days so he could make the midterm enrollment cutoff date.  It is the keeper’s best recollection that the Army did not see the kind of military leadership potential in the keeper, having at one point assigning him to manage an NCO club located across the street from three barracks full of young, attractive civilian telephone operators from Indianapolis.  This may or may not have been a “re-up” ploy, but the keeper didn’t fall for it and instead asked for that 18-day early release.  In any case, to erase any smudge on his college enrollment history, the keeper is offering to go back into the Army for 18 days and do whatever he is ordered to do, even if it is peeling potatoes on KP.  Or doesn’t the Army do that anymore?  Probably not.  Now doesn’t it just more less order pizza from a private contractor?

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