to sell a dory

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports his keeper is again in a high state of excitement over response to a Craig’s list ad he posted for a small dory—think whale harpooning, that he restored.  It seems someone messaged that they would take the boat but they could not come to see it because they were moving and they would send their people to pick it up and would the keeper please send his address and what name he wanted on the check which would be for the full price of the boat plus transportation costs, plus more which the buyer would need for his moving expenses.  Once some years someone sent a check—by UPS no less, for a couple thousand to buy a Craig’s list snow blower.  They lived in Hawaii.   The check is still in a file and is available to anyone for cents on the dollar.  If the keeper gets a check for his dory he plans to put it in the same file and then he will go boating, unless he gets a call from someone named Ahab.

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