Kickass and expired driver’s license

Kickass, the doorstop dog, passes on the keeper’s report that Phyllis is home from UW Hospital, hurting from her ten broken ribs and other injuries suffered when she and the keeper were in a head-on collision in Cross Plains Tuesday.  Phyllis’s granddaughter Alissa Straughan and the keeper’s grandson Bud Andrews have stepped up with transportation and in-house help, and Dick Rice arrived with lots of therapeutic pizzas.

The insurance company is writing a check for the total cost of their vehicle since it was definitely totaled, and the keeper is waiting for the postal people to deliver a ticket he was issued for an expired driver’s license.  If he received an expiration notice—Does the MVD send those out for driver’s licenses?– he does not remember it, but on his last birthday when the license expired, there were distractions, like his being newly married to and deeply in love with Phyllis.  This unbelievably all-encompassing wonderful circumstance at his age left no room for such mundane things as a driver’s license renewal.

Now with Phyllis home and healing, the keeper would rejoice and laugh off the expired license ticket if it were not for his three broken ribs that make it very painful to laugh.  He would also give Phyllis a hug, but considering all the broken ribs between them, any embracing will have to be put off for a while.


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