Kickass and the need for readers

Kickass, the doorstop dog, indulges the keeper as he—the keeper pretty much loses control of his writer’s ego and suggests that one thing for caronavirus isolated people to do would be to read his novel Margaret’s War, which is set when German POWs were in Wisconsin by the thousands at the end of WW II, and has as a main theme the disempowerment of women.

This insatiable craving for readers has been a life-long condition for the keeper and drove him to ever-larger publishing venues, and finally to fiction and its potential high readership rewards.  In this regard he is no different than any other writer: they all—reporters, columnists, novelists, poets, essayists crave as large a readership as possible.  They all know that without readers, writing of any kind is more or less like peeing into the wind, a strong wind.

So Margaret’s War has not made the NYT best-seller list nor is it likely to, but it has garnered a few readers and some of them liked it, and that’s the name of the game for the keeper.  Even in the face of the caronavirus calamity, he says any decent human being, would buy his book and read it because, like he says, without readers, writers are ridiculously out there in the wind with their egos and their…….

(Orders for Margaret’s War from get a free copy of Ship The Kids on Ahead. MW also available from Amazon.)

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