Kickass and sports fans

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper in observing sports fans as they absorb defeats and switch sports, which takes the keeper back to his Chicago Trib days in the 1980’s when he spent an autumn attending pro and college sporting events to look at the fans instead of the games.

The result was a cover story for the Trib Sunday Magazine that labeled sports fans as “losers,” “unhealthy,” “societal liabilities,” and “crazy.”

The “research” included watching Michael Jordan play, observing shirtless Bears fans in frigid cold, and meeting a Catholic Sister who prayed Notre Dame to an impossible victory in a raging blizzard.

The story placed in some national annual sports stories competition and portions of it are included in the keeper’s book “TREESON, An APOLOGIA To Trees,” for the pulpwood that went into making the paper used to print his “drivel.” (Available from Amazon, through bookstores or from $15 plus $4 shipping.)

Message to fans: The keeper hopes your team wins, but if it doesn’t there is always next year.

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