Kickass at Kyle’s screening

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper and Phyllis, having sat in on a screening of nephew Kyle Houseman-Stokes’s movie “My Dead Friend Chloe,” featuring Morgan Freeman and Ed Harris among others, passes along the word that Kyle has done himself proud in navigating the forbidding world of big-time movie making and using his military experience to produce a very moving story of love, conflict, compassion and survival.

Now in the final stages of finding its place in the complex areas of promotion and distribution, Kyle’s movie–where and however it emerges, will carry strong messages in a wide area—everything from guns to cultural classes to war to suicide to tree farming and more.

         Written by Kyle, the movie’s plot includes scenes from the keeper’s brother Orville’s illustrious military career, as played by Harris.

         Orv and Shirley, Kyle’s grandparents, and his parents Elizabeth and Huck were on hand for the family screening with the consensus being that all were mightily proud of Kyle’s creativity and look forward to sharing its results with the movie-viewing world.

Kyle says that the movie’s title may or may not change, but whatever it is called he has hopes for some public viewing opportunity within the year and adds that there may be some slim chance for consideration by the Sundance Film Festival.

Kyle’s military rank was Sgt. 1st Class. So was the keeper’s so while no saluting is officially called for between them, the keeper comes to attention and salutes his talented nephew for a most impressive accomplishment!

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